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Top 5 Things To Do In Lilongwe | Mlendo

Top 5 Things To Do In Lilongwe | Mlendo 

By Mlendo Ndovi Green

Top 5 Things To Do In Lilongwe

When asked, many Lilongwe residents would tell you that there is just not much to do in the dusty city. However, Lilongwe is filled with many fun-filled things to do experience and explore.

Before we dive in, here are a few details about the capital: Lilongwe was made the capital city of Malawi in 1975 after the life president Kamuzu Banda decided the capital should be in the centre of the country. Lilongwe is no ordinary city as it is divided by Areas; there are 50 areas in total.

Many residents would agree that Lilongwe has two centres; City Centre, which holds most of the city’s big buildings, hotels and office. Then we have Old Town, which contains most of the city’s shops and other utility establishments.

5. Get Chiwaya

You cannot visit Malawi without feasting on the most loved lunch meal. A make shift frying-pan that uses charcoal, fries chips and any meat of your choice; beef, pork, chicken or otherwise. This meal will fill you up and leave you longing for more the next day.

Chiwaya does not just involve the meal, the conversation that goes on whilst waiting for your food or whilst you eat is also something that makes chiwaya a lunchtime favorite amongst the locals. You can find theses stands almost anywhere but the most famous are by Bwandilo in area 47 and Chesterfield in area 18.

4.  Visit Four seasons

If you love tranquillity this is the place for you. Four seasons nursery is located just a few minutes away from city centre. It is a large garden, but also houses some shops, restaurants and a beauty spa.

It is the perfect spot to have a coffee from Ama Khofi and experience some real peace of mind with beautiful tranquil scenery. You can also have a full spa treatment by the Facefoward.

3. Hike Bunda

30 minutes away from the city liesBunda Mountain. It can be seen from south of the city. Approximately 2000 metres high, this hike will give you a bit of a workout but also show you some of the most beautiful and peaceful views.

The Mountain also features a beautiful stone monument and bridge built by the mountains longest resident, Mose. It is worth the hike just to see.

2. Craft market Shopping

Love art? Why not buy some art that’s Malawian? The best place would be in the heart of Lilongwe in Old Town. Here lies the Ziboliboli market where you can get all sorts of crafts, clothes and accessories. All the crafts sold here are carefully and precisely handmade.  A tip: speak Chichewa to get a cheaper price.

Apart from this, the area also has other shops as well as game complex right next door and Just a little walk away, you will find the Area 2 market where you can find almost anything you want.

1.  Visit Lilongwe Wildlife centre

In the forestry centre of the city close to city centre, lies the wild life centre which is owned by the Lilongwe wildlife trust. This is no zoo but a sanctuary for rescued animals from Malawi and around the world.

For a small fee, you can tour the facility and see the different wildlife it keeps. This is a non-profit meaning all the money received is used to cater for the wildlife. This is a real memorable and emotional adventure once you learn the different stories of the wildlife. There is also a large playground for kids and a nice café called Cunneco.

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