Campaign for Affordable Internet | #ReduceDataCost 

The world is digitizing, quickly – and recent surveys have shown that Malawi has the highest data costs in the world – $27.41 per GB at PAYG rate. Join the #ReduceDataCost #AffordableData campaign, and share your experiences on how the high data charges have affected you personally, or professionally.

The Virgin Mary By David La Chapelle | Nicki Minaj Pregnant 

The queen of rap, 37, via her social media today shared that she is pregnant with her first child, which has social media ablaze in just a few minutes of the post.

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Ultimate Playlist | New Wave Malawi

Ultimate Playlist | New Wave Malawi 

Hello again!
It took a while to figure out what we wanted our Ultimate Playlist to look like. Did we want more or less songs than our usual 15 track playlists? Did we want to revisit some favourites that have already featured on the playlist or did we want to bring you a completely different and exciting experience?

After a lot of deliberation, we’ve decided there’s no rules. Every Ultimate Playlist by us will carry its own theme and move with the times as with our star studded, all female artists playlist for Week 20.

With this week’s Ultimate Playlist, we bring you all the number one’s so far, yes, ALL OF THEM. We listened to the playlist and it’s the balance for us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Always with love,

New Wave Malawi.

Our playlist is a reminder that Malawian artists have a lot to offer and in multiple musical genres.

Get a complete feel of the Malawian Sound. #MalawiToTheWorld

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