Campaign for Affordable Internet | #ReduceDataCost 

The world is digitizing, quickly – and recent surveys have shown that Malawi has the highest data costs in the world – $27.41 per GB at PAYG rate. Join the #ReduceDataCost #AffordableData campaign, and share your experiences on how the high data charges have affected you personally, or professionally.

The Virgin Mary By David La Chapelle | Nicki Minaj Pregnant 

The queen of rap, 37, via her social media today shared that she is pregnant with her first child, which has social media ablaze in just a few minutes of the post.

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Public Service Announcement | New Wave Malawi

Public Service Announcement | New Wave Malawi 

To our listeners,

First of all we want to appreciate all the love and support you’ve given us for the past 5 months, this week brings us to a total of 20 weeks and we couldn’t have done it without you.

To our artists,

Your art is the reason we exist and have a platform to begin with, we do not take your contribution for granted and we hope that for the most part we have served our purpose and helped everyone view your art in a new light.

With that said, we would like to announce that we have decided on a short suspension of the New Wave Malawi Playlist. We are, for the most part rebranding, and thanks to you, expanding.

We are looking for interns in the following areas: Playlist Contributors, Graphic Designers, Part-Time Videographer(s) and Social Media Account Managers (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

For applications and more information please email us at

In the meantime here’s the first edition of what our ultimate playlist looks like. Click here

Enjoy, and don’t miss us too much.

You can still contact us on our Instagram and Twitter accounts, all submissions, comments, tips and advisements are still welcome. Keep safe! And remember #MalawiToTheWorld

Love, New Wave Malawi.

Our playlist is a reminder that Malawian artists have a lot to offer and in multiple musical genres.

Get a complete feel of the Malawian Sound. #MalawiToTheWorld

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