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No Room For Era | Third Eye Album Review

No Room For Era | Third Eye Album Review 

By Wongani Siwande & Mercy Kasanga

Malawi’s Lilongwe based artist, Third Eye, delivers an outstanding performance in his newly released album titled “No Room For Error Era”.

This is a review of each of the tracks.

I Am King

In the intro to his album, Third Eye addresses the misconception and judgement people have about the artist. His sharp words solidify his presence in the hip-hop industry with some word play in the first verse while spitting some lyrical content about how he has stood the test of time and undoubtedly, he is the unstoppable king. He gets a little aggressive in the second verse and tells us “this is nothing special, for 3rd eye its usual” clear indication of his confidence in his content. Overall, this is a good intro to the album which really gets you in sync with the music.

Time Machine

Engaging the sensational Kim of Diamonds in this captivating song with an enticing lyrical flow, Third Eye talks about the life he has lived and how he has turned dire situations into opportunities. When we get to the chorus, Kim sings out heart-warmingly about living your own life without regrets and paying no attention to the judgement. This is truly a collaboration worth listening to over and over as the message is very engaging about decisions, struggles, growth and self-esteem.

This is Money

Third comes through with lessons and advice about the game, trust and managing the ever so fickle money. He talks about losing friends who are closest to you because of your progress. He also says to always put your money where your mouth is with this very versatile beat and flow; he purposely uses broken English for the hook with a bit of Chichewa in the verses. This is truly a song worthy of nodding your head to as it also has great advisory content to the youth who struggle with knowing who their real friends are.


Featuring the winner of the 2015 Malawi music awards for best RnB, Danny Kalima on the hook, this guitar chord infused song lets us know from the get-go of this appreciation song for
his mother and reassures her of how proud he is of his family and everything they have been through together. The three-time Lake of Stars performer speaks about a mother’s pains of child-birth and tells a story of his life in terms of family and following what his heart desires. The vocals on this song pull every aspect of it together so we get the full experience and message of the song.


In this song about love, who else to collaborate with than the Melanie hit artist, ItsFriday? The song talks going above and beyond for his girl and the love he has for her being addictive like drugs hence the title “dope” which is also a testament to how captivating the woman is. This chill vibe love song will get you in a relaxed and laid-back feel.

This is why

The song has a refined start with a heartfelt beat. It talks about the reason why we are never bought, caught and taught. The song also highlights the road that led to the fresh elections in Malawi as we hear some of the lyrics talking about the Army General being in the front line as people demonstrate the previous government. The song also talks about the lives that were lost just to save our lives and that we are never going back to where we are coming from.


This song features Wishes Flexy on the hook then Charisma and Episodz in that order. They all talk about representing the music industry. These artist talks about who they are in the song, the joy they have in knowing their identity in the music industry and the progression that they are making to get to the next level.


The song is well-balanced, has an enticing sound with features like Classick on the first verse and Kim of Diamonds on the hook. The song speaks to anyone who is having self-awareness and questions of personal identity in a society where people don’t understand. The lyrics are very meaningful and relatable to most people in the world since it speaks on mental illness and its impact. The song also talks about not being perfect but the picture being worth it, where you don’t hide and fight to seem perfect.

Quentin Quarantino

The song has an interesting title name, where third is calling himself Quentin Quarantino. The creative and unique name is a triple entendre, compositing of Quentin Tarantino, a highly acclaimed movie director whose style of production is very unique and with this being Quarantine season, Third Eye and Quentin visualize and paint a unique artistry to their respective crafts. The album’s main producer Snipa, whose real name is Tino hence Quentin QuaranTINO. In the song, third eye is talking about being his own style, being unique in the music industry and that he is in it to stay.

Pain killer

It’s a deep, emotional, and sincere song, with a low beat which is serving as a pain killer to those can connect with the music and kills their pain. Pain Killer features an upcoming artist; Kas, which Third eye believes with the right push, she can go global and become a standard brand. Otherwise the message in the song is simple and straight forward and has really good rhythm.

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