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The queen of rap, 37, via her social media today shared that she is pregnant with her first child, which has social media ablaze in just a few minutes of the post.

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Food For Thought | Chifundo

Food For Thought | Chifundo 

I recently found myself in a space where I was aiming for a goal that needed immediate results. This required me to have more extra focus than usual. In doing so I tried to articulate this space I was going through because no amount of focus was getting me closer to the goal. I was trying to find was to explain it our loud.

The one day as I was watching football. I saw a player take a penalty kick. I saw the look in the player’s eyes, and I thought “wow, look at that focus.” Then I also thought of a basketball player taking a free-throw. It also requires some level of focus, but these people are in different scenarios.

This is how I looked at their contrasting scenarios:


In football when taking a penalty, the penalty take is required to focus as he is taking the shot. The goal is to get the ball in the back of the net. However, there are obstacles that would mess with his aim.

The goalkeeper– The first and obvious one is the goalie. He is there to block that ball from getting in at all cost.

Opponents– There are times where the opponents would say words to phase the penalty taker into messing up with the shot.

The crowd– We have the crowd that is behind the goal post. Any crowd could add pressure but the worst crowd, is that of the opponent. They can even go to the extent of cussing at the penalty taker just to get in his head.


In basketball we look at the free throw moment. The player is in the circle readying his shot. He faces similar obstacles except the goalie.

Unlike the football player, the basketball player does not have the extra obstacle of a goalie to pile pressure and affect his focus. He also has the added advantage of using the box to make sure the ball ends up in the net. If he is able to block out the noise from the opponents and the crowd, he finds that he is his only obstacle. It will all go down to his capabilities. Of course, capabilities also play a role for the football player in succeeding his goal but that added pressure from the goalie calls for focus, trickery, and precision.

With that being the case, I translated the goalie as a gatekeeper or anyone who has the aim of stopping us from achieving our goal. The crowd could be our friends, family and doubters. The pressure that comes knowing that people are watching and have certain expectations. It could also be pressure from people telling us to do things that we don’t want to do or telling us that we simply can’t do it. It’s noise. The opponents could simply be our enemies or haters who don’t want to see us win or people who are also aiming at the same goal. It can also be people we’re competing with for the same position.

So, with this I wondered. Which player was I.

More importantly if you are also in a similar position. Which player are you?

Food for thought,


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