Campaign for Affordable Internet | #ReduceDataCost 

The world is digitizing, quickly – and recent surveys have shown that Malawi has the highest data costs in the world – $27.41 per GB at PAYG rate. Join the #ReduceDataCost #AffordableData campaign, and share your experiences on how the high data charges have affected you personally, or professionally.

The Virgin Mary By David La Chapelle | Nicki Minaj Pregnant 

The queen of rap, 37, via her social media today shared that she is pregnant with her first child, which has social media ablaze in just a few minutes of the post.

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Is Your Phone Spying On You? | Upile 

Picture this, you’re on the phone with a friend and you mention how you’ve got a really bad craving for pizza. Next thing, you’re scrolling on twitter and suddenly, an advertisement for the best pizza places in town pops up.

What exactly is happening behind the scenes of our devices, and why?