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The world is digitizing, quickly – and recent surveys have shown that Malawi has the highest data costs in the world – $27.41 per GB at PAYG rate. Join the #ReduceDataCost #AffordableData campaign, and share your experiences on how the high data charges have affected you personally, or professionally.

The Virgin Mary By David La Chapelle | Nicki Minaj Pregnant 

The queen of rap, 37, via her social media today shared that she is pregnant with her first child, which has social media ablaze in just a few minutes of the post.

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Cancel The Debt Now | Feam Press Briefing

Cancel The Debt Now | Feam Press Briefing 

The burden of debt on the developing countries including Malawi which amounts to over $11 trillion should be cancelled in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of global notables has demanded. What is debt cancellation about? Why should we care as Malawians?

First and foremost it should be noted that the President of the warm heart of Africa, Malawi, Dr. Lazarus Chakweru asked rich countries and international lenders to immediately cancel debts of poor countries, including Malawi, whose economies have been ravaged by the global coronavirus pandemic. IT IS A BIG DEAL.

On the 13th of October, a press briefing was organized by Youth Activista Network with support from the Feminist Macro-Economics Alliance in Malawi (FEAM), Egisa and Action Aid which had Jessica Mandanda- Feminist

Dr Jessie Kabwira- PHD in Feminism so she’s a feminist and a Human Rights Activist

Babra Banda- Chair person of NGOGender Coordination Network

Assan Golowa- Executive Director at action Aid.

Watch The Press Briefing Here

The press briefing was organized for the people of Malawi to understand why it is indeed important for Malawians to join hands towards this movement as nation that wants to improve Malawi’s economy as a whole. A lot of issues where highlighted, but the main issue that was shared by the panelists was that Malawi’s national budget has most of it’s money going back to paying back debt. The panelists agreed that with the pandemic, it has hit Malawi very drastically, and if debt is not forgiven it is the poorest in the country who will suffer the most.

Words highlighted for the calling fourth of debt cancellation was on JUSTICE and  SURVIVAL. Malawi as one of the least developed countries needs debt cancelled and debt cancelled now, said Dr. Jessica Kabwila who emphasized that debt cancellation should come with zero conditionality’s. That way when debt is cancelled, leaders can closely be held accountable for all funds usage  in the country.  The panelists explained that if there is debt cancellation, more money will be allocated to gender issues, health sector, education sector, and overall the betterment of Malawi’s economy.

As the world is going digital, hashtags have been created in order to call upon The G20, which is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 19 countries and the European Union to cancel debt.

#CancelTheDebt #DebtMustFall #DebtAlarm #EndAusterityNow

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