Campaign for Affordable Internet | #ReduceDataCost 

The world is digitizing, quickly – and recent surveys have shown that Malawi has the highest data costs in the world – $27.41 per GB at PAYG rate. Join the #ReduceDataCost #AffordableData campaign, and share your experiences on how the high data charges have affected you personally, or professionally.

The Virgin Mary By David La Chapelle | Nicki Minaj Pregnant 

The queen of rap, 37, via her social media today shared that she is pregnant with her first child, which has social media ablaze in just a few minutes of the post.

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Body Positivity | ThickLeeYonce

Body Positivity | ThickLeeYonce 

As reported by Sunday Times, a post by Lesego “Thickleeyonce” Legobane on the body positivity movement not being for “slim bodies already accepted by society” has divided social media. and sparked a fierce debate on body shaming.

On Tuesday morning, the vlogger and activist came under scrutiny when she commented on a Twitter post by British Glamour that read: “A new trend is sweeping Instagram: ‘reality vs reality’, which aims to demonstrate that flexed, posed or relaxed, our bodies are still our bodies, and they’re perfect in any form,” above an image of a slim woman.

There were several polarizing opinions shared on the same, with some saying that skinny girls should create their own movements that address them being shamed for being skinny, as the body positivity movement is strictly for fat girls being institutionally excluded.

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